GFP International

School-to-Work Program

In 2022, Global Faith Partners became aware of the planned $30 billion USD (70 trillion TSH) liquid natural gas (LNG) project being planned by a partnership of five energy companies including Equinor and Shell, along with Exxon Mobil, MedcoEnergi, and Pavilion Energy at the coastal town of Lindi, Tanzania.

Based on his career on large industrial projects, Mike Vallez, Chairman of GFP, realized that this plant will require thousands of skilled, trained and educated workers. (Press reports indicate 15,000 workers needed.) After discussion with the GFP Board of Directors, a prompt decision was made to evaluate the feasibility of expanding the mission of GFP to include training 5,000 Tanzanian workers with the advanced skills to build an LNG Plant. This evaluation led to a strategic plan to create a School-to-Work Program, commencing with a “train the trainers” program. This program involves three key elements: