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GFP International

Raising African Vocational Skills to World Class Standards * Leveraged Investments in Human Capital * Trade School Technology Transfer

Message from our founder

Our mission is to raise the construction and industrial workforce skills in Africa to world class standards.  With a history in Africa that dates to 2005, GFP International is partnering with vocational schools, instructors, governments, and industries across Africa to update facilities and modernize industrial training programs for thousands of aspiring individuals wanting to learn a trade with the skills to meet the demands of industrial development. With a focus on certified industrial welding, high voltage electrical, and instrumentation training, our programs will help ensure success for projects in oil and gas, mining, power generation, as well as manufacturing and infrastructure development over the coming decades.

Outside of South Africa, there are no certified welding schools in the African sub-continent. One of our first strategic goals is to support the modernization and expansion of certified welding schools in Tanzania and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our immediate goal is to work with our partners to produce 5,000 industrial welders who are internationally certified by the year 2027.  Welding skills are a fundamental building block for a modern industrial economy.  It is the one skill that cannot be learned as an apprentice.

Unlike other skills and trades, learning to become a welder requires hours, days, weeks, and months of dedicated practice while wearing a hood, peering through smoked glass, and working under the helpful eye of a trained instructor.  After decades of working in industry across many sectors, and after having completed a gap analysis of the existing welding training in Tanzania, I believe that upgrading the welding training to world class industrial standards will have more positive leveraged impact than any other human capital investment we will make in the coming years.  Both directly and indirectly, the economic development it will support could literally raise millions from poverty and hunger.

To make this point, let me cite the law of Archimedes. Born in 287 BC, he was the most famous mathematician and inventor in ancient Greece who developed the law of the lever, as depicted in the below image which first appeared in Mechanics Magazine, Knight & Lacey, London, 1824.

In 340 AD, Pappus of Alexandria made a famous quote based on Archimedes law of the lever:

"Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the earth."

We all yearn for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. If you are interested in becoming involved in this unique opportunity for human capital investment with a high leverage impact, please review our strategic plan document and the rest of our website for more information and reach out to me personally.  

Michael J. Vallez, P.E.
GFP International





[1] Pappus of Alexandria in Synagoge, Book VIII, c. AD 340