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East Africa Lecture Tour

The History of Metals and Human Economic Development
How to Design, Procure, Build, And Operate an Industrial Welding School of Excellence

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Nairobi, Kenya Arrive May 13 – Depart May 25 at 1:40 PM
Kigali, Rwanda: Arrive May 25 at 1:40 PM – Depart to May 29 at 11:55 AM
Zanzibar: Arrive May 29 at 9:00 PM – Depart June 2, 4:45 PM
Dar es Salaam: Arrive June 2, 5:15 PM – Depart June 8, 11:15 PM

Eng. Michael J. Vallez, P.E Founder, Chairman of GFP International

Sponsored by GFP International Raising Trade Skills to World Class Standards

Eng. Michael L. Vallez, P.E., Founder and Chairman of GFP International, is planning a lecture tour of East Africa to colleges, universities, and trade schools to talk with students about the opportunities to move their careers and communities up the ladder of development with modern welding skills and welding schools. These lectures will be of particular interest to students of Architecture, Engineering, and trade school students. This lecture and workshop will help point students to become future leaders in industry and foster economic transformation to industrialization.

Lecture: The History of Metals and Human Economic Development

Africa is at a crossroads. Advancements in the use of metals has been a hallmark in the development of human civilization dating back to ancient history when the use of bronze, copper, tin, and iron raised the living standards of ancient civilizations. The next step for most of Africa will be the widespread training and use of industrial welding, leading to a surge in manufacturing, upstream and downstream energy development, infrastructure, and other benefits to society. Seventy percent of Africa’s trade consists of export of materials and commodities, while most finished good made from those materials must be imported from foreign manufacturers. This situation will need to change for continued reduction of poverty and hunger and addressing balance of trade. Working age population is forecast to boom for the coming three decades.

If you train them, business will come.

A skilled and trained welding workforce will attract foreign investment like no other resource can.

Workshop: How to Design, Procure, Build, And Operate an Industrial Welding School of Excellence.

This is a training workshop with ppt presentation and printed handout materials. The participant in this workshop will appreciate the difference between ornamental welding and industrial welding and how to change existing welding training facilities to modern centers of excellence for welding training. Mr. Vallez will be the primary host of the upcoming Africa Welding Summit planned for November 2024.

About the speaker

Eng. Michael J. Vallez, P.E. is the Founder and Chairman of GFP International, an organization dedicated to raising the industrial skills in Africa to world class standards. He earned a BS Degree in Civil Engineering from Michigan Technological University in 1975 with an emphasis on structural and geotechnical engineering, and an MBA from the University of Utah in 1983. His master’s project was a study of managerial leadership in construction and methods of creating high levels of motivation and productivity. He is the author of several books, the most recent of which was On Time and Under Budget – The Ultimate Power of Team Leadership. From 1975 to 2017, Mr. Vallez gained broad experience in engineering, construction, project development, construction management, design, and project execution under various methods including fast-track; lump sum; design-build; design-bid-build; engineer-procure-construct (EPC); and construction management. In 2016, he formed Vallez International, an international project management, expert witness, and claims consulting firm. From 2017 to 2023, he served on the board of directors of Long International, a “top 3” construction claims consultancy where he provided expert witness consulting services to construction attorneys on cases

with disputes ranging from $15 million to $850 million, and construction management consultation to other clients. He has managed people and projects in multiple sectors including commercial, industrial, civil, and mining projects that included oil and gas facilities, mineral and chemical process plants, power plants, bridges, highways, transmission lines, high-rise hotels and offices, educational facilities, condominiums, stadiums, retail malls, performance halls, underground mine shafts and tunnels. He has completed projects in all regions of the U.S., and consulted on projects in Australia, Africa, Canada, and Mexico.

The best way to understanding of GFP International’s mission is to watch this presentation that was given at the 5th Tanzanian Energy Congress in September 2023:

Contact Information

Michael J. Vallez, P.E.

Founder and Chairman of GFP International

5626 South Calann Drive

Holladay, UT 84121

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