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Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.
GFP International advocates raising the construction and industrial workforce skills in Africa to world class standards.

Trade School Technology Transfer

With a history in Africa that dates to 2005, GFP International is partnering with vocational schools, instructors, governments, and industries across Africa to update facilities and modernize industrial training programs for thousands of aspiring individuals wanting to learn a trade with the skills to meet the demands of industrial development. With a focus on certified industrial welding, high voltage electrical, and instrumentation training, our programs will help ensure success for projects in oil and gas, mining, power generation, manufacturing, and infrastructure development over the coming decades.

GFP International is a mission and goal driven organization. Outside of South Africa, there are no certified welding schools in the African sub-continent. One of our first strategic goals is to support the development of certified welding schools in Tanzania and Sub-Saharan Africa. With these schools established, our next goal is to work with our partners to produce 5,000 industrial welders who are internationally certified by the year 2027.  Watch these videos for a quick introduction to GFP International.

Watch these videos for a quick introduction.

Train The Trainers

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Modernize the Welding Schools

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GFP in the News

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Why start with Welding ?

Welding is the one skill that cannot be learned as an apprentice. Unlike other skills and trades, learning to become a welder requires hours, days, weeks and months of dedicated practice while wearing a hood, peering through smoked glass, and working under the helpful eye of a trained instructor. Welding skill is a fundamental building block for a modern industrial economy as depicted in this pie chart

Africa Human Capital Heads of State Summit

GFP’s mission is in alignment with the priorities expressed by African heads of state and supported by institutions like the World Bank. On July 26-26, 2023, the World Bank sponsored the Africa Human Capital Heads of State Summit in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In advance of the event, the World Bank prepared a video titled:

Human Capital-Led Economic Growth in Africa: A Focus on Learning and Skills.

This video highlights the fact that even though Sub-Saharan Africa countries have grown economically over the last 30 years, this has not been enough to translate into rapid per capita income growth. It is an excellent primer on the big picture in Africa to set the stage for the coming decades.

We invite all Africans and your institutions to engage with us in this broad movement to raise the bar on industrial skills on the continent, the most important growth region in the world for the coming decades. We bring a commitment to import the highest and best technical vocational education technologies and practices that can be found

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